Representative Projects

We'll Get It Done.

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Broaden Distribution

Lava Lamp wanted to broaden its distribution to specialty retail, including toy and gift stores. We were retained to put together a program, hire and train sales reps and manage the process.   But while doing this we realized the bigger opportunity was to place them in Toys "R" Us stores, which they had not been able to penetrate.  Within six months we had several items in distribution chain-wide. 


Turn Arounds

Recruited to advise an investment bank about a client whose consumer products company was failing. We quickly concluded there was great value in the company. Joined as President, repaired the banking, customer and vendor relationships.  Successfully sold the company within a year to a private investment company, getting the bank paid in full.


Foreign Opportunities

Unusually close ties to governments and industries in other countries we have sourced technology and brought deals to clients that are not readily available to others


Merchant Banking

A  toy and puzzle company wanted to sell their company yet somehow still be involved. Our solution? We licensed their products to another toy company so that every couple of years they could review the relationship and determine if they were still happy with it.