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What Clients Say


We engaged Dan to help find a licensee for our toy/puzzle company. He sourced several companies and helped us negotiate the deal. It was a great outcome for everyone, and Dan was instrumental in making it happen.

Neil Kane, CEO Moving Parts LLC

Dan is smart, insightful, has a solid background in company and brand management and is a savvy decision-maker. He has the ability to see the big picture - understanding a company's place in the greater consumer market and can identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization or product line within that picture down to tiny details. He's unafraid of making big decisions, changing directions, staff, and product lines - whatever it takes to re-position a company. His network is amazingly wide. Even when situations are extremely challenging, Dan can make very tough decisions while maintaining a great sense of humor.

Kaye White, CEO Visual Playthings

Dan is an expert on many aspects of toys and a great resource to the history of toys and the industry and he is an astute business man who has a great deal of hands on experience.

Stevanne Auerbach Ph.D., Dr. Toy

Dan has been to me, in my role as Executive Director of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, a great friend, mentor, and a terrific leader of our organization. In my many years of working with Dan he has constantly inspired me to look beyond my own experiences and learn from others. Dan has an amazing eye for detail and simultaneously sees overall strategy and the big picture. He has a great sense of humor and can bring perspective to even the most complex problems.

Michael Schmitt, Executive Director America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago

Dan is an outstanding leader. Dan has a remarkable ability to see the big picture to set direction for a company while staying on top of the details of really understanding his business. He is a master as developing talent. He instinctively knows just the right amount of challenges to give to his employees to get them motivated, trained and productive. Besides all of this Dan is a pleasure to work with.

Tom Goldblatt, Founder & Managing Director, Ravinia Capital LLC

It’s rare that you come across great people and professionals like Dan. I have had the pleasure of working with him in organizing the Investment and Trade Conference “Global Opportunities with Kosovo - Synergies with Israel & Illinois” in November 2015. I was particularly impressed by Dan’s his enthusiasm, productivity level, organizational skills and ability to put a team together and manage organizing a very high level conference on tight timing.
Dan is a person of integrity, energetic and goal-oriented, who earns my highest recommendation.

Kujtim Dobruna, Managing Partner at ECIKS, and Former Economic Advisor to the President of Kosovo